Web Hosting Reviews

A Step by Step Guide to Website Hosting

Web hosting is not quite an unfamiliar term to many, but you may not entirely understand what it pertains. Perhaps you may have a rough idea that it is all about upholding your website online, but you might not be conversant with the different types of hosting services available for you to choose from. For those seeking web hosting services, having some comprehension of the topic goes a long way in ensuring that you make an ideal choice on the type of hosting you opt for and the provider your pick.

First, it is important to understand what web hosting is prior to delving deeper into the different categories, features and tools offered by the hosting providers. In simple terms, web hosting is simply hosting your site online. You can either purchase or lease server space at varied costs from hosting companies.

The various types of website hosting

There are different types of web hosting services, each type having a different set of features organized to make a complete package the number of features in s particular package being a basic determinant of the cost. The different types of hosting include;

Free Shared Web Hosting: there are some hosting companies, which may actually host your website for free. However, this type of hosting is quite basic having limited disk space and bandwidth allocation as well as minimal support for applications like PHP, ASP and My SQL among others. It is therefore, ideal for people with personal websites or trial websites, but it is definitely not an option for business websites.

Paid Shared Web Hosting: this is the most common type of web hosting service that the greater majority opts for. This is because its prices are well within most people’s price range, and you get additional features as compared to the free hosting. However, since is shared hosting your website shares the server with many other websites, issues like security and slow response rate are some of the drawbacks to expect.

Dedicated Hosting: Just as the name implies, with this type of hosting you pay for exclusive use of the server. This translates to a higher level of security and better response speed. As expected, this type of hosting comes with an expense, but it is ideal for larger companies that would lose a lot more if their data security is breached than what they would save for settling with a cheaper package.

Virtual Dedicated Web Servers: this type of hosting entails dividing space on an actual server to several portions of virtual servers. For all purposes and intents, each client gets to have their own virtual dedicated web server.