Web Hosting Reviews

Cloud Hosting

Website hosting in the cloud is increasing in popularity. Start-up companies recognize the capital limitations of small and medium businesses (SMBs). Capital must be spent to obtain servers and technicians to monitor the servers. Maintenance expenditures also factor into costs. Cloud hosting offers all-inclusive solutions for web hosting. Companies save money by paying a low monthly fee to host in the cloud.

Public and Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based website hosting company offers public and private cloud computing services. Private cloud solutions allow businesses to build custom and secure cloud servers. Only one organization will have access to this type of service. The service is scalable according to the needs of the company.

Public cloud solutions feature several tenants on a single server. As the company’s traffic increases, bandwidth is reallocated based upon the needs of the company. Technicians and algorithms will be responsible for the reallocation. With some cloud hosting services, clients can create a hybrid solution to conserve resources and costs. The configurations are quite robust.

Some solutions are deployable within 15 minutes or less. Others may require an hour. The packages increase in price based upon the number of “instances” required and the level of security.

How Dedicated Servers Can Benefit Companies

Dedicated servers are recommended for companies with significant web traffic and ecommerce companies. A single interface will help clients manage websites and other applications hosted in the cloud. Many cloud-based web hosting companies are recognized for seamless infrastructure management.

Affordable Cloud Hosting Solutions

Some of the most affordable web hosting services hosted in the cloud offer 100 email accounts, 100 MB disc space, one website, 200 MB Data transfer and one database. Some basic services are offered as low as $10 per month. More reputable services start at $50. The services are secure and provide significant savings for business owners who are just getting started with limited capital.


Web hosting through the cloud is convenient, secure and affordable. The service is recommended for SMBs to control costs and expenditures. Businesses know how much is owed every month for these services. There are no surprises. Cloud-based web hosting is a remarkable service businesses should consider when starting a new business.