Web Hosting Reviews

Save Money on Your Site with Shared Hosting

These days every business needs a web presence to be competitive. Many people think you need to host your own site or use a dedicated web server. Nothing could be further than the truth. The fact is that when you factor in the computer you need, a server operating system, a reliable and fast internet connection and the rest of the infrastructure required, you are talking big bucks.

Even if you use a web hosting service that uses dedicated servers, the price can be prohibitive. The host still needs to maintain a dedicated machine for your site and that can get into hundreds of dollars a month. So what are you supposed to do to get your business up on the Internet? The answer is shared hosting.

Most web sites, even if they utilize a database and a lot of graphics don’t take up more than a fraction of the average server’s hard drive space. Also, web traffic doesn’t put a major strain on the resources and infrastructure of a good Internet server. For these reasons, web hosts can offer a service called shared hosting to make having a web site affordable for any business.

Shared hosting utilizes a special technology that allows a single server to host any number of domains. When your client enters your domain address, the Internet directs it to the server you are on and your web host makes sure the traffic gets to the right place. In this same fashion, the host can put dozens or even hundreds of websites on a single machine. For this reason, the host can make shared hosting cost effective for you and your business.

Shared hosting not only works great, it is as safe and secure as any other type of hosting. Your domain is completely compartmentalized against every other sit on the same server. You get all the benefits of having your website hosted by a professional hosting company, at a fraction of the cost.

If your business grows (and that’s the reason you need a website, right?) don’t worry about your site being able to grow with it. Shared hosting sites are completely scalable and able to grow with your business. You almost certainly won’t outgrow a shared hosting site, but even if your business and site grows to those levels, it is easy and seamless to move your site to a dedicated machine.