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The Major Categories of Web Hosting

If you have just developed your website and need to set it up to gain online presence, then chances are that you are shopping for website hosting services. There are basically four website hosting services to select available. Below are the main variations of the web hosting services that will guide you through your search:

Different categories of website hosting

As mentioned above, there are four major website hosting services, which include; shared hosting, free hosting, managed dedicated hosting and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Each of these hosting services has their pros and cons, making it crucial to go through the details of each one of them thoroughly prior to making any commitment.

Free website hosting is the most basic type of hosting available. As the name might imply, this hosting service is offered free of charge though it is mostly ideal for personal websites that don’t call for a large amount of storage space or bandwidth allocation. This means that it might not be a viable option for people who have business websites where the anticipated amount of traffic is generally high. Free website hosting services typically offer the very minimal features and the least support sometimes even none for MySQL, PHP, ASP, website statistics and numerous site addresses.

When it comes to shared website hosting services, you basically share the web server with a number of other websites. This type of hosting is by far the most popular type of website hosting for most small to medium-sized businesses. Owing to the fact that the prices offered for this type of hosting is considerably affordable as compared to purchasing and maintaining an entire website server. Typically, the hosting providers offer features that are tailored to suit the client’s specifications thus making it the most ideal solutions for SMEs. If you require a larger memory capacity, wider bandwidth allocation or additional support for PHP, ASP, MySQL, several addresses among others all you have to do is purchase a package that will best suit your need. The major drawback to this type of hosting is security due to sharing of the server.

The unmanaged dedicated website hosting on the other side entails becoming the administrator of your own server. If at all you have additional requirements like larger storage capacity, wider bandwidth among other specific features that neither free nor shared hosting can offer, this is definitely the option to go for. With the dedicated server, you are at liberty to put in as many email addresses and databases as you wish since it comes with ample bandwidth capacity.

The unmanaged dedicated website hosting services essentially come with all the perks available for the dedicated website hosting services only that you are free off the hassle of having to manage the server by yourself. It comes in handy, if you are unfamiliar with the tasks entailed in server administration. The prices charged for this hosting option will majorly depend on your requirements.