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VPS hosting

If there is one advancement in the field of web hosting that has made more positive waves than any other, it has to be the phenomenon of virtual private hosting, or VPS hosting. The freedom that VPS hosting provides to the small and medium sized business owner as well as the personal user who is just looking to create a scalable solution to one day turn into a business, is unprecedented in the world of web hosting, and arguably can not be topped, not even by the revolutionary cloud computing hosting solutions that are now freely available on the market.

As a matter of fact, the virtual private hosting solution and the cloud hosting solution actually share a great deal of similarities, but the virtual private hosting solution continues to be less expensive for most iterations. As it currently stands, virtual private hosting is still number one when it comes to pure return on investment.

The virtual private hosting solution gives you the ability to have your own control panel and third party application downloads without affecting any one else on the server. In this respect, you are actually hosting on a dedicated server, as the data leakage on this type of setup has been reduced to virtually nil. No one else will be able to see your changes, and you can even further segment your access to the control panel by a tiered password system for internal administration as well. You can not do this with the shared hosting solution.

The virtual private hosting solution will also give you the ability to scale your business, using only the resources that you might need at any given time. However, as long as there is some room on the virtual private hosting server, you can expand the use of the resources without any loss in uptime or virtual hiccups if you have any type of web traffic spike.

Even with all of these advantages, the virtual private hosting solution is still closer in price to the shared server hosting solution than it is to the dedicated server hosting solution. This is because the web host is still physically able to share the server with other clients, which means that the physical make up of the server is still shared. However, the virtual private hosting solution has created that perfect solution for those small and medium sized businesses that do not have that corporate marketing budget.